Dean Ormston & Fiona Stephenson Exhibition ‘Kapow!’

A brilliant exhibition of Dean and Fiona’s work opens on Saturday 18th May 2019 at the Cooper Art Gallery, Church Street, Barnsley – totally recommended

Award winning comic book artist Dean Ormston (Black Hammer, Judge Dredd, Lucifer, Superman) & artist Fiona Stephenson are two hugely successful, internationally renowned illustrators. They are also born, bred and based in Barnsley.

The Cooper Gallery is delighted to bring together a collection of their artwork focusing on the process when creating artwork from script, first sketches to finished art. The exhibition also aims to tell the story of the early beginnings of our favourite comic book Super Heroes to their on-screen counterparts.

Visitors will be able to see an additional display of original art work from the 1940s to present day featuring Batman, Superman, the Walking Dead, Hellboy, Lucifer, Tank Girl, Hellblazer and more by artists such as Jamie Hewlett, Mike Mignola, Charlie Adlard, Duncan Fegredo.

Find out more about women’s roles in comic books through women illustrators, strong female characters and a young robot inventor called Dot, featuring in a video created by Dean and Steve Seagle (Ben 10).

 Free admission

Saturday June 15th 2019

Barnsley Live – The Underground 7pm

June 2018

Playing the resurrected Barnsley Live on Saturday 16th June at 5:30pm @the Underground

November 2017

Starting 11th November there’s a fantastic exhibition of vinyl art at Barnsley Civic Hall gallery. Also features artwork from releases by a number of local bands including our own album plus some of Dean’s comic work.

Best Art Vinyl: 12 Years on 12 Inches

October 2017

Been a quietish year – played Live in Barnsley in June, written a few new songs which we hope to record in the next couple of months.

The recent cancelled gig at Project will hopefully be re-scheduled in December – keep an eye out for an actual date.

It’s been a massive year for Dean on the comic front. Black Hammer, his creation with Jeff Lemire and Dave Stewart has been a big success – winning a prestigious Eisner award for Best New series. Published by Dark Horse it’s much recommended and not just because we’re biased.

And a certain band make an appearance….

Lyndon released a follow-up to Music for a Lost Film in January. Imaginatively titled Music for a Lost Film – Volume 2 it carries on from where the first album left off – mining the fake soundtrack theme a little deeper. Released on Of National Importance Records you can download it for free or make a small donation from…

It was preceded by an ep entitled Layers :

25th April 2016

The Return!

Well what a strange 15 months it has been. Rewind back to January last year and we were buzzing to have released the album to such an unbelievable response and just as we were about to set some gigs up to  promote it Dean’s brain exploded. Terrifying for D and his loved ones, we were all in shock and relieved he was OK,  he was diagnosed with a stroke  and he started on the long road to recovery. Unable to work or play for the first few months his health gradually started to return and  he resumed painting and eventually made tentative steps back to drumming.

We were totally thrilled when we had the first rehearsal with him back, it would be wrong to say it was as if we’d never been away – we would have to progress gently and slowly, mainly because Greg had forgotten all the bass lines. Another 7 or 8 months on we are still rehearsing, writing new songs and Dean is looking and feeling good and now feels ready to play live again.

So we have two gigs coming up – a mere 15 months since the last one (which is fairly normal for us). On Sunday May 1st we play at Barnsley Rock & Blues (formerly the Polish Club) as part of the May Day Festival of Solidarity. And then on Saturday 18th June we play Live in Barnsley again – venue and time to be announced but likely to be our old favourite The Underground.

It goes without saying that it will be fantastic and emotional to see all our old friends again. If we sound a bit ropey you will have to forgive us. Thank you for all your support over the last year.


15th June 2015


The Black Lamps are featured on another compilation. This time for Hope Not Hate who campaign against racism and fascism. A double CD featuring some well known names. Full track listing is as follows….

Disc One

  • Los Fastidios – In 1968
  • Inspiral Carpets – Our Time
  • Section 60 – Champion of the Underdog
  • Louise Distras – Stand Strong Together
  • Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six – The Tell Tale Hound
  • The Lottery Winners – Elizabeth
  • Tracey Curtis – Raising Girls & Boys
  • Spanish Class – Sven
  • The Barefoot Bandit – Blue Lights Flashing
  • Briana Corrigan – 15 Wonderful Love Songs
  • Attila the Stockbroker – Looters
  • Rawfolds – We Are the Underclass
  • Steve White & The Protest Family – Which Side Are You On?
  • The Wonder Stuff – Last Days of the Feast

Disc Two

  • Billy Bragg – The Battle of Barking
  • Chumbawamba – The Day the Nazi Died
  • Paddy Nash – Laughter and Love
  • Siobhan Mazzei – Courage of Your Convictions
  • Target By Numbers – Part of the Truth
  • Terry and Dead – Ballad of a Necrophiliac
  • Angelic Upstarts – Red Flag
  • The Rainkings – Nothing Set in Stone
  • Blossoms – Cut Me and I’ll Bleed
  • Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards – Bones
  • The Black Lamps – Are There No More Surprises?
  • Joe Solo – No Pasaran!
  • The Hurriers – Britain Last
  • Paul Heaton – Everything is Everything

You can buy the album from the Hope Not Hate shop here

14th June 2015

The album reviews are still coming in. This one from the excellent Wakefield fanzine ‘Rhubarb Bomb’.


27th April 2015

An alternate version of Colour 8 is featured on the latest compilation from Of National Importance Records ‘Misophonic Minds’.


All proceeds going to the Willow Foundation – it can be downloaded for a donation of £3 or more from here…

Liam and Lyndon also have solo tracks featured.

Here’s what Joe at ONI says about the album

message starts>>>

Misophonic Minds Another Corner of Barnsley Counter Culture

Of National Importance Records is done – for a long while anyway. But ONI17 is here and it’s great, honestly:

Misophonic Minds‘ is a compilation of music from artists either based in or originating from Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The nineteen tracks are available as a digital download for just £3 – at least 15 of these you will not have heard before and will not find anywhere else. Once them terrorising thugs at Paypal have had their minimal cut, all of that money will be donated to Willow Foundation; a charity that organises very nice things for young people who are very unwell. You can find the compilation available to download or stream here.

Included are the first ever tracks released by Tender FirsFilm and Peter Dand; brand new and unheard recordings from Aztec DollMcCarthy VigilCharlie Northrama zuLyndon Scarfe and Liam Stewart; Exclusive premiers of tracks from forthcoming releases by Garforth & MyersExplorers Society and Del Scott Miller; an alternate mix of a track from The Black Lamps debut record; a likely last ever recording from The Exhibition and more from BrujaHeavy SunsRichard Kitson and Sarah-Jane. There’s also something special from Diskettes Fore Minor to close things off and maybe even some more to come. Downloading the compilation will also provide you with a very cool digital booklet – a first for us – that contains links and information on all the artists involved. The booklet is the very skilful work of Jamie Briggs and uses a fine illustration by Hattie Lockwood.

For more on the bands involved; see here, read the booklet or click a song title on theBandcamp page.

Elsewhere, we don’t have too much physical stuff left in the ONIR shop but we do have the last few copies of Pareidolia and Carry to the End at a reduced price along with The Black Lamps albumT-shirts and hats. The download store is full of free stuff including a few things that have been added on the hush over the last year.

On the price: Bandcamp does allow you the opportunity to donate a little more than £3 for the pleasure of downloading the compilation, if you so wish, but we really are not asking it of you. We know lots of people are a little short for a luxury of this kind and if plenty of people gave the £3 and, almost as importantly, found some new music that they enjoyed then that would make lots of people happy. If you’d like to pay via any other method than Paypal then just donate directly to Willow Foundation, let us know and we’ll send you a download code.

And if you’ve got this far, you may even find this interesting.

Thanks to all for everything.

message ends<<<

18th April 2015

One of our local record shops, Debut Records, has been going through a rough time trading and was unable to raise the money to fully participate in Record Store Day. Scott Doonican put together a compilation of tracks donated by local bands to help him out. The Lamps are featured along with a couple of remixes Lyndon worked on for System of Hate and The Hurriers.


29th March 2015

Due to illness within the band we will probably take a number of months off from playing live. Obviously this won’t be much different to ‘business as usual’. However it does mean that we won’t be playing at Live in Barnsley or Coalfields this year. Hopefully pick up again later in the year.

2oth February 2015

The Smoking Party is featured on a compilation for the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.


You can buy this superb compilation from here…

25th January 2015

Some new action on the album front…

A top class review in West Stand Bogs issue #7 which came out for the home game v Crewe


And also an interview Lyndon did with online mag [sic] Magazine

[sic] interview

16th January 2015

Excited to announce an album launch at the Underground in Barnsley on 31st January.

Special guests McCarthy Vigil

Also featuring a special one off relocation of The Vinyl Underground

Be lovely to see you there

LaunchPoster (1)

15th January 2015

Looking likely for a release event at The Underground in Barnsley on Saturday 31st Jan. Just trying to confirm a couple of other bands to play with us and also Vinyl Underground (soul, punk, garage vinyl night normally run at the number 7 pub) may be incorporated into proceedings.

Some more reviews

Counterfeit Magazine

Amusing review up at Norman Records site.

12th January 2015

It’s OUT!

see this page for details of how to get the new album –

Also a couple of really nice reviews

Alternative Barnsley


6th January 2015

The production line for packing vinyl 


5th January 2015

Happy New Year to everyone from the Lamps.

Another album review, 8/10 from Whisperin’ & Hollerin’

8th December 2014

Album review’s are starting to come in.


A few words and a stream of The Archivist from

21st  November  2014

CD’s have arrived – still a few weeks until vinyl is ready. Everything still on track for the January 12th release

Sleeve looking lovely. Dean’s art looks great, wonderful design from Jamie Briggs and a cracking live shot from Ian Parker. Cheers all. It’s a beautiful thing.

The Black Lamps - CD's are in the house

3rd November  2014

Lamps news is like buses – nothing for months then a flurry of activity.

Pre-Release order of ‘The Black Lamps’

As of this morning you can order the new album (due for release on 12th January 2015).

Available on heavy translucent red vinyl, on CD and digitally.

Order your vinyl or CD’s via the Of National Importance shop here :  https://Order from iTunes here : digital outlets are available and will be posted when we have them.

Louder than War interview

Jason White had an interview with the Lamps published ont he excellent Louder than War site.

20th October 2014

Debut album is still on it’s way!
The album is mixed, mastered and at the start of the process to become a physical thing. It will be released in early January on CD, Limited heavy red vinyl and the usual digital stuff. More details will follow shortly including a pre-order date and the availability of a track for free download. Exciting eh?

13th August 2014

Debut album is on it’s way!
Album mixing is coming along nicely. The album will feature 10 tracks : The Archivist, Casa Disco, Colour 8, Are there no more surprises?, This Planet’s a lie, Scissors/paper/stone, Smoking Party, Dai, Awkward and Gene Pool. When mixing is finished we move on to mastering, meanwhile Dean is working on the sleeve art and our good friend Jamie Briggs on the overall design. The plan at the moment is to have a short run of vinyl, some CD’s and also digital through the usual channels. No release date as yet but the the plan is to release in association with Joe Boyd through Of National Importance Records. It’s touch and go whether something will be available for the October gig at the Polish club but if not we may set up a special release event.

1st July 2014

More dates – Long Division Wakefield on Sunday 14th September – venue to be confirmed.

Rock & Blues (Polish) Club Barnsley on Friday 17th October – along with Aztec Doll and Explorers Society

1st May 2014

Sheffield date confirmed for next Thursday 8th May at the Green Room, Division Street, Sheffield. On at around 10pm


21st Nov 2013

We had not seen each other since July and we also lost our old rehearsal space but have found a great new one, so we’re back rehearsing again. Old songs sounding remarkably good despite the break and we’ve started writing new songs, one described as Mogwai covering the National with the girl from Savages guesting on guitar.

Liam is due to go into Orion Studios with Steve Ellis to add vocals to some backing tracks we did earlier in the year.

Live dates will resume in the new year – possibly something with the Imoko’s

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